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Androids Newest Flavour Oreo is Here!

The newest android version is here and its looking awesome check out our review of the new os and its features here.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty

New to the android scene is metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty one of the most iconic solid snake outings available in full hd read our full review here.

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The Kodi Configurator

kodi configurator image

Find kodi a little hard to use and configure well look no further your one step solution is here.The kodi configurator is the only place to install the official droidnation build a stunning easy to use build which only uses legit free to air addons so you can access thousands upon thousands of free tv shows, movies, live tv and sports whilst feeling secure your not crossing the copyright line.

Community Builds Section

All the greatest kodi community builds under one roof.No need to search the web whatching tutorials and reviews on the latest development our app has instant access to developer updates, sporting the top 25 builds available as reviewed by the kodi community there is plenty of choice so dont waste time try them all after all its a one click install so so simple.

International Addons

All the international addons you require thats right one click and install the greatest international addons available to your existing kodi build configuration.

Android Tv Boxes The Greatest Invention Ever ?

Well if you have'nt heard of a android tv box in the last few years then you must have been living on the moon.These miniature power houses have been invading living rooms worldwide at a rapid rates with more and more people cutting the cord and looking for online streaming services to supply the content they need on demand the smart tv box has become a regular item to find attached to any body's tv set