Getting Started With Android Tv

From The Begining

So you have just got your first android Tv device could be a amazon tv stick, a next level media box a mxq of ebay who knows there are thousands to choose from some good some bad. Android runs on almost anything and is probably the most popular mobile operating system and is most certainly the most used. Since its release back in 2008 fifteen versions have been rolled out with version 8.0 oreo been the latest.

The difference of many

Android been as diverse as it is must have made it a tricky job for the developers with so many different screens and devices.It must be very hard finding that middle line to make sure the user feels at home choose whatever device they are using, but to be honest they have pulled it off.Moving from tv to phone to watch is pretty seamless, but some device manufacturers do create their very own interfaces remember this when following our guide.

Our chosen weapon

As we love nlm android tv boxes so much for the case of this guide we will be using the next level media stores mxq pro. Its a great budget tv box running the solid rockchip rk3229 chipset and sporting 8gb internal memory and 1gb of random access memory(ram), for a first box its ideal and at 35.00 delivered to your door its a must have for any first timer.

Starting from scratch

Ok the best way for me to start this guide is from a brand new model out of the box.Once you have powered your device and it has booted completely most devices will have a initial guide were it will run you through a few things wifi setup, accessing settings, home launcher tips amongst other stuff the box i will be using doesnt so well have a good look around the system making you more familiar with the android ecosystem.

There is no place like home

next level media android launcher

The home page is the central hub of any android device clicking the middle button on your phone choose wherever you are will take you back to the home page in a flash its the same on a android tv box only you press the home button on your device.

Each android device may have a different launcher and there is some real fancy launcher's out there that can do some awesome tricks the box i have has the next level media launcher installed so ill be using that its quite a a clean no frills easy to use interface.

Look at the next level media launcher in the image above it is a perect example of a simple launcher im sure you allready recoqnize some of the icons.Starting in the top left hand corner you have the my apps button clicking this button will take you to a list of all available apps for you to choose simple highlighting the icon and selecting it will open the required app if you wish to go back just tap the back button on your remote.

To the right of the my apps icon is the media center icon you may not find this icon on all tv boxes but it is on most and clicking it will usually lead you to apps that are used for media. So all your streaming apps, music apps and other internet media services are all buncghed together for easy access.

To the right of that one you have the wifi icon now you will notice the icon is green on the next level media launcher this means your box is connected to the internet if the icon is red then you are not, also if you click the icon it takes you to the connection settings page so you can get connected.

Underneath the wifi icon you have the icon with the cogs clicking this will open your device settings now some android tv boxes come with a extra device settings page that opens up first which will have tv box specific settings and in that section will be a icon that should say more settings or other settings clicking this icon will take you to the generic android settings page.

The icon below the settings icon is a es file explorer icon its quite common to find a file explorer on your launcher and i must say its rather helpfull making sending and receiving files a breeze from any external usb device, bluetooth and over a local network.

The next four icons to the left are pretty much a give away now you have the jigsaw for the play store so you can download all your favourite apps, next to this you have the google chrome icon this will open your tv boxes internet browser,the face book icon and last of all the messenger icon.So there you go a simple wizz round the home interface remember the looks and certain functionallity may change throughout different launcher's but the functions described here are found in mostly all .