Installing And Updating Kodi On Android

Starting With Jarvis

Ok looking to install the amazing kodi media player look no further here you will find instructions on how to install and update kodi covering most used versions 16.1 jarvis and 17.4 krypton.

kodi 16.1 jarvis splash screen
kodi 17 krypton splash screen

Which version can i have?

Well as im sure many of you already know kodi 17 krypton is incompatible with any android version before 5.0 lollipop. So this means that your old trusty m8s or mxq device wont run it unfortunately.There is no need to stress though kodi 16.1 jarvis is still a fantastic variant for you to use.If your a little unsure which version of android you have there is help below.

Navigate to your apps section.

android apps section

Find your settings icon and open settings.

android system settings

Scroll to the about device select it then scroll to a section that says Android version and there is your current version if its 5.0 or above you can install kodi 17 krypton.

about device android

No google play

One of the simplest ways of installing kodi is using the google play store but unfortunately they only host the latest stable release of kodi which is 17.4 krypton which will not work on anything below android version 5.0 lollipop so that means your trusty m8s or other kit kat and under device cant use the new features of krypton so you can either update your hardware to lollipop, next level media do a great range of boxes all running 5.0 and above get one here or you can use kodi 16.1 jarvis still a good solid version with tons of great builds addons and programs in development out there and we have provided links to download it without the playstore below.

So where to download jarvis ?

You have a few options for downloading kodi 16.1 you could download it from this site here or kodi themselves host older versions here.Once you have downloaded it you can install it either via the apk installer app or navigate to the file with a file explorer and click the file to install it, even you have not already you may have to allow apps from unknown sources in your android security settings if you install it via the latter.

Installing or updating to kodi 17 krypton

So your lucky enough to own a android lollipop or above tv box and your itching to try the all new krypton this time kodi have made this proccess much easier you should be able to just update from 16.1 without the need to unninstall the older version.So withour further adue you can install kodi 17.4 the latest version on the playstore here, or you can download it here.Either way you should be able to just install it straight over the old version no probs. Once its installed when you come to open kodi first time it may hang on the splash screen with a addon migration message just wait ten mins if it doesnt move from there force stop kodi and reopen it.