Need Help With The Kodi Configurator Android App?

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Become The Ninja

Want to become a ninja at using the kodi configurator android app then look no further this detailed guide will run you through the setup, update and usage of the application in a easy to use manner so without further avail lets get started.

Installation and updating

nlm media launcher image
nlm media launcher image

Ok if you have a next level media box or tab then the kodi configurator comes preinstalled on your device (if not get one its the only way at the moment of utilising this great tool).The kodi configurator is an amazing one click kodi configuration tool designed for those that find kodi build configuration and installation a bit of a pain.

Updating the kodi configurator

The app is constantly been worked on which means updates can be regular adding new features to the application, but luckily the developers have made the update proccesss a breeze. The app itself will tell you when a update is available as long as you are connected to the internet you will see a message saying if you have the latest version or not.

kodi-configurator update text

If you dont have the latest version the message will tell you that the app needs updating pressing the app update button as shown below will begin the proccess.

kodi configurator update message

Once the button is pressed a download progress bar will appear and begin to fill yellow as the update is downloaded depending on your internet this should only take a minute when the download is complete you will see a install prompt hit the install button and the app will begin to install.

Installing the official build

Ok with the app installed and up to date it's time to install a kodi build. We advise using the official build because all addons used are only use 100% legal free to air addons mostly picked from the official kodi repositories.First of all before attempting any kind of update we need to ensure that kodi is closed properly if it isnt the app will either not let you update or the update will go through its motions then leave you with a default fresh start kodi configuration.Details on how to make sure the app is closed are below.

The correct way

The way we should all do it is to close kodi down after use because as mentioned here leaving kodi running in the background is bad practice, and been as closing it is so easy.

Default kodi background

Ok if you have the default kodi background and no build installed just hit the power button as shown below then hit exit and wait for it to close.

The easy way

Ok the easy method is probably the one we will all take each android device will come with some kind of task killer feature which will allow you to close apps running in the background easily some let you choose which apps some just kill all tasks that can.

The not so good for your device way

And finally the evil but effective force stop we do not recommend closing the app this way it can be all kinds of bad for your device and application check here for more info on why not to force stop android apps.

Kodi is closed im ready to install!

Ok with everything above in place its time to install a build go to your apps section of your device and find the kodi configurator app open it then press the official build icon a yes or no option will appear hit yes and the download will start once again the progress bar will appear and begin to fill yellow once the bar is full a extracting message will appear and the bar will begin to fill yellow again.Once the bar is full a update successfull will appear in the center of the screen thats it your done open kodi and allow it 15 minutes or so for each addon to update itself and find its latest content then your ready to go.

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yes or no
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Community Builds

community builds section

For the community builds section installing or updating a build is exactly the same process as for the official droidnation build above exept instead of selecting the official build button on the first step you would select the community builds section and choose your desired build but after that the rest is the same.